Mark Hamilton Explains a 3000 Year-Old Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

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Today I want to reveal a 3000 year old secret…a secret that will lift any nation and its people to the greatest levels of riches and wealth the world has ever known. Political leaders have waged wars, they have even starved their own people to guard this secret. When I reveal this secret to America, we will all rise to a great and wealthy new world. As the title of our TVP® Platform says, “Make all the people rich, including the poor.”

In order to open our flight into riches, we must close our fall into poverty. The rule of man is responsible for poverty on Earth. Around the world, and throughout history, countries with the most oppressive rule of man were the poorest, most oppressed countries that led themselves into inescapable suppression and tyranny. To rid the rule of man, we must remove the fundamental ingredient that nourishes the rule of man. That fundamental ingredient is initiatory force. You see, the ruling class must force its population into obeying its political leaders…obeying their man-made laws, their man-made regulations, and without force there would be no ruling class, there would be no rule of man.

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