Introducing... TVP Visionaries

Join us as we unify Visionaries together into one online community, so we can each enjoy the benefits and rewards of depoliticizing the United States and eventually our entire civilization.

You may be glad to see that we have created an online environment to further our mission of ending the rule of man, so we can permanently launch the wealth, health, and peace of mankind through the Protection-Only Budget and the Prime-Law Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. As a fellow TVP Visionary, you are welcome and invited to join us.

Here is Just Some of What is Included

We expect there will always be something great going on among our TVP Visionaries. What you need or want at any given time may vary from week to week and month to month, but you will have the key resources and the key people to help support your various challenges and ambitions. We are adding new community features all the time, but here is what you can initially expect from having special access to our members-only interactive learning environment: